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All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4® is a dental implant procedure that helps to replace dentures or a complete set of missing teeth with only four implants. All-on-4® (or All on Four) procedures is also called Teeth Now and Same Day Teeth. At DS Dental Clinic in Harley Street, London, our dentists will place the all on 4 implants and fix high-quality crowns in a single visit.

With the use of All-on-4 dental implants, patients can replace a full arch or both arches with fixed teeth. It is possible to place 4 in 1 to 6 dental implants at strategic positions and angles that provide the foundation needed for the placement of a fixed ten tooth bridge.

All on four implants a fixed temporary solution so patients can always have teeth on and carry with their normal activities.


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What is The All-on-4® Treatment Concept?

When all-on-4 dental implants heal completely and integrate with the jaw bone, then a high-quality and durable permanent titanium fixed bridge or any other suitable form of dental prosthesis will be fitted. The technique consists of the following:

  • Few as four implants for each jaw - While a full mouth of implants with traditional methods requires 8-10 implants for each jaw, the All-on-4 procedure uses only four. Sometimes five or six may be required in the upper jaw where there is lower bone density.
  • Angled rear implants - Instead of inserting vertically, the rear implants can be placed at an angle of 30-45 degrees. This means patients who have bone loss should qualify for All-on-4 without going through the lengthy process of bone grafting.
  • Implant fitted in a day - This procedure evolved the title ‘teeth in a day’, ‘same day teeth’ or ‘smile in a day’. This is a development on traditional implant procedure that requires six months or more to complete with proper recovery time at each step of the process.

Why DS Dental for All-on-4 Dental Implants in London

  • We offer a free initial consultation so that you can discuss all your options and the suitable finance plan.
  • We have CT Scans available at almost £110.
  • Last for several years.
  • Our friendly and caring staff will put you at ease when you have any treatment, in a comfortable and relaxed environment.
  • We have 0% APR for a 12 month finance plan.
  • Our team of qualified dentists has the training to deal with anxieties and dental phobias.
  • We have performed more than 7,000 implants.
  • We also provide same day implants to patients at our clinic.

About our All-on-4Dental Implants Procedure

Initial consultation

The first step in the treatment process involves a thorough consultation with your chosen dentist. During the consultation, they will assess the condition of your mouth and perform a CT scan. With the help of this scan, they can assess your suitability for implants. They will check your jawbone density to determine precisely where the implants need to be inserted.

Your dentist should discuss all possible treatment options with you before you commit to anything.

If you want to proceed, then the next step will be for dental impressions to be taken. These are sent to the laboratory where your new bridge is made that will look like your natural teeth. Some dentists use scanner technology for your mouth, which enables them to know the condition of your present teeth without taking impressions with putty.

Your dentist may take some x-rays to plan the treatment.


If you need teeth extracted before the implants are inserted, then this can be done on the same day.

Your oral care surgeon will offer a sedative so that you can relax during the treatment. After this, they will anaesthetise you in order to minimise the pain. If you want to have a general anaesthetic for the All-on-4 treatment, then ask your dentist about it during your initial consultation.

Once the remaining teeth are extracted, your mouth will be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of bacteria and damaged tissue.

The dentist will drill two or more holes at the front of your jaw to hold the front implants. There will also be two holes at the rear – one on each side – that are usually angled to provide greater support to the rear of the bridge.

After the implants have been placed, your mouth will be cleaned again and any incisions stitched up. It is quite common for dentists to use dissolvable stitches that usually absorb within one or two weeks.

You will be fitted with the new teeth, either on the same day or the following day. Some dentists may create a temporary over denture at this stage that can be replaced after a few months. This is usually made of resin, which is a light but less durable material and may put less pressure on the implants as they heal.


You will experience some swelling, bruising and discomfort during the first few days after the surgery. After this, you will probably need to take a few days off from work to recover completely and get used to your new teeth.

Your oral care surgeon will offer a sedative so that you can relax during the treatment. After this, they will anaesthetise you in order to minimise the pain. If you want to have a general anaesthetic for the All-on-4 treatment, then ask your dentist about it during your initial consultation.

Your dentist will give advice on the kind of foods you can eat during the first few months after treatment. At this time, you will probably stick to soft foods so that you can recover complete from implants that fuse with your bone. You might be advised to quit smoking and not to do any strenuous exercise for some time.

These implants can be cleaned like your natural teeth by brushing once in a day. Your dentist will show you the right techniques of flossing by using special tools. You might have to invest in a water flosser with special attachments that are especially made to clean around implants.

Final checks and fitting

Six to nine months after the surgery, your implants will be able to support a permanent over denture. This is usually made from porcelain or other high quality durable materials.

If you take proper care of your new teeth, they should last for ten years or more.

You need to return to the dentist for routine checkups and proper maintenance. Check if the visits are already included in the treatment cost or whether they need to be paid separately.

Benefits of All-on-4dental implants

  • A Quick procedure – At DS Dental, we appreciate are busy and our All-on-4 or Teeth in a Day dental implants will lessen the number of appointments needed.
    This is particularly true in contrast to the traditional ‘full arch’ treatment procedure.
  • Maximum comfort – Another benefit of a ‘Teeth in a Day’ fixed temporary bridge when opposed to a temporary denture means patients have fixed teeth throughout the treatment procedure.
  • Guaranteed results – Individuals who have had improperly fitting dentures or loose teeth for several years may look forward to having a natural-looking, comfortable and secure bridge with new implants.
  • Change your lifestyle – All-on-4 dental implants and Teeth in a Day have already made a great positive impact on many of our patients.

Suitable candidates for All-on-4 (All on Four) Dental Implants

  • People who have gum disease that has caused dentition and bridgework failure whose only option is to wear dentures.
  • People who do not have gaps in their smile during the treatment.
  • People who cannot tolerate dentures.
  • People who are wearing upper and/or lower dentures.
  • People who are restricted in their choice of food and cannot chew easily.
  • People who require bone augmentation before getting the traditional implants.
  • People who suffer from low self-esteem due to movement of dentures when they eat or talk.
  • People who have had ill-fitting dentures and have lost teeth may opt for All-on-4 implants as a good solution.

Natural-looking and stable teeth that can be attached to the implant may restore as well as improve self-confidence.

All-on-4® Implant Supported Dentures

This is mainly suitable for patients who have one or two complete arches of failing teeth or patients who have previously lost their teeth and are wearing dentures. All-on-4 Dental Implants is a cutting edge technology that is a highly effective and affordable treatment option. We provide you with the facility of same day new teeth to transform your smile immediately.

Upgrades for All-on-4 Bridges

Top quality all-ceramic restorations are available with improved aesthetics upgrade to bridges after a few years.

How much cost of All-on-4 dental implants?

The entire cost of the treatment for a single jaw with All-on -4 is almost £13,900. The CT scan or 3-D imaging of the affected area costs nearly £250.

The first phase of the treatment involves placing the implant which costs somewhere around £7,900 while the second phase, which is placing of hybrid titanium bridge, costs nearly £6,000.

Some FAQs on All-on-4 Dental Implants

What is the success rate for All-on-4 dental implants?

There is generally 98% success rate for this All-on-4 implant treatment.

How long will All-on-4 implants usually last?

Though there isn’t any 100% guarantee with surgical implants, All-on-4 implants will last for several years with proper maintenance. You should take care of the implants in the same way you would your natural teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing daily. This will enable you to focus near the gum line and remove small food particles easily.

Will my teeth appear natural?

Your artificial teeth will look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Will I have any restrictions on my eating habits?

All-on-4 implants enable you to enjoy your favorite foods, as you did before. Patients who have had dentures appreciate this feature, as they are not restricted to eating softer foods.

How will All-on-4 implants protect me against the loss of jawbone?

Implants give you the look, feel and function of natural teeth and thus, provide your jawbone with the stimulation it requires. You will not have the risk of reabsorption as you may with dentures that can accelerate the loss of jawbone. All-on-4 can also help to restore your facial aesthetic that might have changed and appear sunken due to jawbone loss. These changes may leave you feeling self conscious about your overall appearance and improve emotional wellbeing.

Where is my All-on-4 implants made?

Our in-house dental surgeon prepares your implant restorations. We take great pride in our customised appliances that can be fabricated quickly to ensure quality results. All the aspects of the treatment, beginning with the consultation and ending with follow-up, can be done under the same roof.

You can get your All on 4 treatments at DS Dental Clinic Harley Street, London.
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